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The Story of Mom

Dec 14, 2018

Shelly talks to Lennon Parham and her mother Leslie Parham about their own transitions into motherhood. Leslie talks about her path to becoming a working mom while raising Lennon, how the women’s movement affected her and her role as a grandmother. Lennon discusses her balance of work with motherhood and the role of comedy in her own home. But, before the interview with the mother and daughter team, Shelly speaks to a Mother/Daughter Expert, Rosjke Hasseldine. Rosjke has been spending her life studying the mother daughter relationship and how that impacts the foundation of a woman’s journey into selfhood. Rosjke speaks eloquently about identity and the patterns of behavior we learn from our mothers that impact our perception of a woman’s role. She even talks for a minute about the missing pieces of the women's movement in regards to recognizing women’s emotional needs.